When creating your character in Star Wars Galaxies, there are 9 professions (classes) to choose from. They are Jedi, Commando, Spy, Medic, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, Officer, Trader, and Entertainer. The Trader profession is sub divided into four concentrations: Munitions, Domestic, Structures, and Engineer.

After creating a character, you may change your character's profession at any time by visiting a profession counselor NPC. The first profession change, called a respec, will be free, but the credit cost increases each time you do it.

When your character reaches level 10, his profession can be customized a bit further with the use of the expertise system.

List of Combat Professions

Of the 9 starting professions, 7 of them are combat oriented. Many would consider these professions to be the "main game" as they involve traditional MMO activities such as questing, raiding, PVP, etc.

Bounty Hunter

List of Non-Combat Professions

Star Wars Galaxies is one of the few MMOs that offers player classes that are entirely dedicated to something that isn't combat. While they don't pack much of a punch, these professions are considered extremely useful to the community and can a lot of times make the player a lot of credits!

  • Engineer
  • Domestic
  • Munitions
  • Structures
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